Heat press machine

Pneumatic single station heat press machine (ZS-D1)

Pneumatic single station heat press machine (ZS-D1)

Product Description
1. Independent research and development exquisite appearance imported paint is more durable; 2. Fine workmanship using imported linear thickening bearings durable; 3. Digital display intelligent temperature control high degree of plus...


1. Independent research and development, exquisite appearance, imported paint is more durable;
2. Fine workmanship, using imported linear thickening bearings, durable;
3. Digital display, intelligent temperature control, high degree of plus or minus 1 degree, digital time display control, high accuracy;
4. The heating plate adopts special tube surrounding design, heating evenly. The heating tube and the heating plate are integrated, which is safe and durable. The heat is uniform and the thermal conductivity is strong;
5. The overall structure of the equipment is stable, not easily deformed, stable operation, and low noise. Worktable can be switched between manual and automatic operation;
6. Digital control system, signal prompt for completion of process, strong performance (accurate and safe), long service life;
7. Adjustable pressure, convenient operation, widely used in factory assembly line operations;
8. Heat through the heating plate, with a certain pressure, a specific temperature and time, the transfer layer on the transfer paper and the thermosetting paste onto the substrate or permeate the substrate;